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Curriculum of Chinese Martial Art

Many paths of Kung Fu

by Sifu TW Smith

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Chinese Martial Art Curriculum

Often we are asked about an Overview of what we do here. Over the course of years I was trained in many styles and understandings. All the systems point back to the same root, you.

You practice Kung Fu not to perfect a style, but to master yourself. Regardless of your reason for practice, this will show up.

This takes time to grasp in your heart, but then the understanding that it is all the arts "two hands and two feet" really resonates.

Principles that Drive the Curriculum

During the process we will teach you and show you how every system and style originates from:

  • All movement begins in the seed of stillness
  • Training of the mind always precedes training of the body
  • 3 directions of your centerline
  • 8 expressions of movement
  • combining these and changing whether they are practiced bilaterally, or in various directions all alter the one original expression

Students of the kwoon and many of the private students begin with foundational processes of calming, centering, self awareness and health. They venture from there. Occassionaly a student wants to begin on a particular path, like Yang Tai Chi or Ba Gua and they explore from there.

Podcast 19 : Structure and Flexibility in Your Curriculum : Download MP3 Directly

Training Directions

Some Students want to begin at a partcular level or direction. You should know there are pre-requisites and factor skills. Pre-requisites are things such as:

  • Sweat Equity
  • Demonstrate mental and physical balance
  • Emotional balance
  • Commitment to taste bitter

Factor Skills are things that effect other parts of training, regardless of style, such as:

  • Quietedness
  • Health
  • Attention / Focus

Here is a sample of our Chinese Martial Art Curriculum at Tibetan Kung Fu:

Download the PDF Version Here : Download the Curriculum explanation / 11 minute MP3 here

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