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tkf_2014_beach_140614_ 00052 Thank you for coming by. Your time and interest is greatly appreciated.

Training in Chinese Martial Arts and QiGong isn't about uniforms, doctrines, contracts, forms and rank. It is about you.

Perhaps you are drawn to the Chinese Arts for developing your health, for self protection, or simply to understand the culture and philosophical way of life. There are many reasons that people practice KungFu, Tai Chi and Qigong. or perhaps you simply want explore the self development and training in this cultural called Kungfu.

Practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu develop themselves internally, meaning from the inside out. We practice putting the mind and body back together.  Learning to focus, becoming aware of self, tuning the body are benefits of training in Chinese Martial Arts, We know as KungFu.

raleigh martial arts kungfu taichi Chinese Martial Arts, QiGong and Tai Chi with its original benefits, focus and power.

There is only one test we look at regularly,

How do you compare to you 100 days ago?

"In Calmness, the mind must be active. In activity, the mind must be calm."

tw smith and son practicing at beach  


If you want to see what some kind folks have said about us publicaly.

If you have wanted to make adjustments in yourself, or train in thorough martial arts, we will enjoy meeting you.

What are we about?

It isn't complicated, "You practice KungFu to be a better person first. A better Martial Artist second."

We are a simple Tai Chi - Kung Fu school, no fancy uniforms or expensive tests, your effort is your rank. Most of my students have been with me 2-10 years. We don't contracts, haven't never needed them.

"If you would like to meet us first,
We certainly would like to get to know you,
then we can discuss how we may work together."

We take time to introduce ourselves and get to know little more about us. Then if you want contact us, we will set up some time to meet, introduce ourselves :)

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