Tibetan Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan provides opportunities for individual growth

Tibetan KungFu & Tai Chi with its original benefits, focus, and power.

Practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan and Tibetan Kung Fu develop themselves internally, learning to put the mind and body back together.  Learning to focus, channel your thoughts, managing emotional responses, and fine tuning the body are benefits of training in kung fu. 

We are a simple Tai Chi - Kung Fu school, no fancy uniforms, no expensive tests.  There is only one test we look at regularly,

How do you compare to you 100 days ago?

"In Calmness, the mind must be active. In activity, the mind must be calm."

The healing aspects of kung fu are equally important to learning the physical aspects.


If you have wanted to make adjustments in yourself, or train in thorugh martial arts, no frills, we can assist.

Tibetan Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan