Ba Gua Introductory Workshop | Raleigh NC

Introduction Workshop - Ba Gua Zhang - Raleigh NC

by Sifu TW Smith

Introduction Ba Gua (Pa Qua)Workshop

Ba Gua is an art that you may enjoy studying. Often referred to as the Elder Sister to Tai Chi. Chinese Medical Doctors that I have worked with over the years have told me that learning how to walk fundamental BaGua is requirement to their degree. The Chinese Art of Ba Gua is a physical expression of the philosophy of their training.

Located in central Raleigh, NC is designed to give you the fundamentals of the Ba Gua Art.

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You will enough time to learn and practice these basics. Then you can build on it at home, or come in for re-fresher later.

The Sin Tien Palms are the foundation of the Ba Gua Martial Art. tibetan kungfu beach bagua workshop

Workshop Curriculum

  • Discuss Ba Gua Theory and Physics
  • You will practice Fundamental Ba Gua Zhang Principles
  • Practice Pa Qua Chi Kung exercises
  • Practice footwork drills

  • Introduce: Camel Step of Ba Gua
  • Address Your Questions
  • Ba Gua Training Exercises (Chi Kung)

Get Safe Exercise
and Moving Mediation

  • Understand Biomechanics of Ba Gua
  • See how you can exercise with Walking Bagua

  • Develop tendon and ligament strength
  • Calm Your Mind

These are just some of the benefits of practicing this art. You may also see more Wiki Information of Walking Ba Gua Zhang here.

We really stick it out to make sure you get a GREAT Lesson, so we:

  • Encourage you to bring your camera, we will take pictures of you doing properly for reference
  • We will have Audio recordings to that you can listen to your instructions as you walk through your practice

When Dave received his audio of his Workshop Recordings, here is what he said:

"Sifu, thanks! Neat to revisit the class and hear some of the key stuff again. Helps this old dog learn the new tricks. Send more anytime!"

What have recent participants said?

Email: "Good morning, Sifu.

Thank you for the bagua workshop Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and found the kwoon to be very welcoming. I would love to learn more and am interested in the monthly walk as a continued course or training following the bagua workshop. This is a great idea, as the workshop definitely piqued my interest. I also am interested in the private/family lessons in the future.

I also would like to register for the beginner tai chi workshop you have for August.

Thanks again for all you, Dwight, and Kat provided in making Saturday's workshop a beautiful experience. I look forward to learning more and returning soon.

Enjoy the day!
Dawn R"

autumn comments on bagua workshop

Several folks have enjoyed listening to the BaGua Cornerstones Podcast and the Building the Kung Fu Frame which have BaGua references.

Pa Qua Mother Palm If you already know you want to learn Ba Gua and want to start with private lessons or attend the Beginners Workshop, then:

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