tkf_2014_beach_140614_ 00052 Thank You For Stopping By Our Tai Chi, QiGong and Kung Fu Information Page in Raleigh. I appreciate you affording me the time to introduce ourselves.

At our school we practice Chinese Forms of Health and Martial Arts. Some students focus on a blend, while others practice exclusively in one area or another

Did you know that Kung Fu means the "Pursuit of Excellence"? It is a sentiment and committment to make yourself better. Sometimes we get pretty close, other times we realize we have work to do. I believe you will find that students practice here, Tai Chi, Meditation, Martial Arts without pressures and the ability to gain at their pace.

Perhaps The most important step is to of what you are practicing for, whether it is for calming life down, learning self defense, or other benefits of practice. This primary purpose may change with time, but here are some of the most common reasons I have found that folks want to learn the forms of the Chinese QiGong and Martial Arts :

    Chinese Martials Arts, Kuo, Raleigh NC
  • Better Health thru Qigong and Arts
  • Calming and Centering the Mind
  • Work through fears and past trauma's
  • Reduce Anxiety and Depression

  • Have a Philosophical Way of Life to Practice
  • Get introduced to Medical QiGong

Others Want to Learn the Chinese Martial Arts for:

  • Develop Self Defense skills
  • Improve in a Sport - MMA, Wrestling, Football, Basketball
  • Para - Military : Law Enforcement, Body Guard, Security
  • Combat - Military Purposes

raleigh kungfu taichi Knowing Why You Practice and Then Having A Program That Meets That Pursuit Is What We Look For

At 12 years in this facility, I offer the same environment that Sifu David Chin offered my classmates and myself around 1990. He explained this is the way SiGung Kuo Lien Ying and Master Sik taught him. This tradition of learning Tai Chi QiGong and KungFu is what you will find here.

Our Curriculum focuses on providing you the opportunities, knowledge and skills that you require to pursue your goals.

What are some of the differences in our Familial Based Chinese Martial Arts School?

  • There are no contracts, you can go month to month
  • You do not have to do bank drafts
  • You are not required to buy uniforms, or belts

  • You can work out a flexible schedule to train, the school is open for you to train beyond classes
  • Your Effort is Your Rank, not a belt, not breaking bricks, not a the ability to do a spin kick
  • There are No expensive 'special' tests to prove you are worthy of moving forward.

You can learn more about Sifu Tim Smith here. If you are in the Raleigh area and wish to develop skills and understanding of Qi Gong, Tai Chi or Chinese Martial Arts Kung Fu, we would enjoy meeting with you.

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