Tai Chi and Kung Fu are Chinese arts that provide opportunity to explore ourselves.

Our School (Kwoon) in Raleigh: The environment is one of a family school, not a big business school. The relaxed structure allows students to gain without pressures found in more commercial facilities.

This enviroment is the same that Sifu Chin offered my classmates and myself in the starting around 1991. He explained this is the way Master Kuo and Master Sik taught him. We strive to passdown this tradition of learning tai chi and kungfu in the same respectful manner.

Improve upon your health, mental and physical stamina and our overall wellbeing, while implementing martial art.

What were, and still are the differences?

Sifu Tim Smith: Learning and practicing Kung Fu has been one of the greatest treats in my lifetime.  I started Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Kungfu training with Sifu Chin around 1991. I began with a small group of young men and we worked as Sifu Chin ran the resturaunt. I learned much through the sweat and effort with my classmates for years.

Sifu Chin certified and encouraged me to teach in 1997. He was kind enough to offer me several of the pictures that were in our original kwoon, so that in case I did teach one day. At the time, I was not interested in teaching, I just wanted to practice.

Around 2003, a few students were learning Tai Chi from me and Sifu Chin had referred a White Crane practitioner to me, whose name was Paul, for me to teach him Hop Gar. I got a small place in Raleigh, so we could practice in the winter. A few folks asked to learn Tai Chi and it started from there.

With a background as an Exercise Specialist Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, my Graduate work at Appalachian State in Exercise Science, and Naturopathic and working with patients at hospitals, clinics, and chiropractic offices, I have been able to blend in much of Sifu Chin's teaching in Chi flow, the Meridian System, and Acupuncture Points with patients and the development of power in the definitions of Kung Fu.

If you are in the Raleigh area and wish to develop skills and understanding of Kung Fu and Tai Chi, it will be our pleasure to assist you. 

You can listen to Tibetan KungFu 001 : "An Introduction"

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Tibetan Kung Fu and Tai Chi in Raleigh, NC