Yang Tai Chi Workshop

Tai Chi For Beginners Course Raleigh

by Sifu TW Smith

Yang Health Style

Starts : Sunday, January 4th 10am. Repeat for 4 weeks at same time.

Learn the fundamentals of Tai Chi in 4 step-by-step lessons which promotes better health and calming of the mind.

You will learn and practice the fundamentals of Tai Chi in 4 workshops. This Tai Chi (often written as "TaiJi") course will show you one of the most popular and beneficial forms of exercise in the world.

raleigh course tai chi workshop
"Learn to calm your body and mind."

Get the blood and oxygen flowing ..

According to 10K-steps.com states in their studies,(10,000 steps/day is recommended.)

  • Tai Chi / Moderate ChiKung = 116 steps/minute

  • Stretching / ChiKung = 72 steps/minute

  • That means : Tai Chi 10 minutes + Stretching 5 minutes = 1520 steps (15% done!!!)

4 One - Hour Classes Each Week

Tai Chi for Beginners provides you with Step-by-Step instructions building one week to the next.

  • Introduce Basic Postures and Stances of Tai Chi
  • Learn the Yang Tai Chi 9 Movement form
  • Each lesson is one hour in length, with breaks if necessary

This Tai Chi Yang form can be done in 5 - 10 minutes. It requires no special clothes or shoes.

It is also progressive. You can use these fundamentals to build on. These are the stepping stones for the Yang 24 Course (most prominent forms of Tai Chi), the Yang 48 (one of the most fun and popular forms) and QuangPing TaiJi Chuan (Martial Art of TaiJi).

Some of the comments we have received:

Yang 9 Tai Chi Course Raleigh 1 yang 9 testimony raleigh taiji course

Proven Health Benefits of Tai Chi

  • You can reduce your Blood Pressure
  • Your Balance will improve
  • Strengthen Your Immune System
  • Calm and Quiet Your Mind
  • More Benefits of Tai Chi 

4 Common Questions from our students

  • "Can I really learn in 4 classes?"
    We keep workshops small in number so that you can get personal attention that you many need.

  • "I have memory problems, dementia or alzheimer's, can I learn it?"
    Our Yang 9 Tai Chi is short enough so that most folks can learn it with practice.

  • "I am out of shape, can I do this?"
    Yes, this is designed to be mild enough for cardiac, arthritic and people with health concerns.

  • "I am totally inexperienced, is this okay for me?"
    Absolutely, this course was designed to give you small chunks over 4 weeks so that you can learn gently.

Why Learn here, rather than in a commercial martial arts school?

We take great care of you, your questions and concerns. We will go out of our way to make sure you are successful

We want you to have a great time and be successful. How can we say that, and not give you further encouragement to practice?

We take to heart your time and effort spent with us. While you are enrolled in your Tai Chi Course, you may come to practice once per week. AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Thank you for stopping by.

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