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Hop Gar : Lama Kungfu raleigh

Hop Gar Sifu Ng Hop Gar KungFu is a very practical combat oriented Chinese Martial Art.

It is often recognized as the Tibetan based Martial Art of the Lama's and closely associated with Tibetan White Crane.

I point this out, because it can be confused with the Fujian White Crane system.

Tibetan Hop Gar - Raleigh NC

The Tibetan Lama System that makes Hop Gar Kung Fu unique. A few distinctions in this fighting art:

1. We do not practice 'Blocking'/per se For 3 primary reasons : A) 'Blocking' gives the practitioner a mindset of 'reacting' and we want to take control of a situation if it goes sideways, not react. B)You can't answer the 3 questions that you must be able answer in order to block. C)Practice intercepting creates a pro-active mindset.

2. Physically unique - literally add inches to your striking reach as you move. Learn to make an unnatural mindset and physical skills, natural. Use angles and non-stationary strategy.

3. Philosophy - Mind Set - Hop Gar Absolutely clarifies a purpose and objective, so that you can practice with mental clarity.

4. Footwork, Footwork, Footwork (Kay Men Bo) - Emphasis on stances and stepping, so you can deliver strikes without being in the same place.

5. Body Space Elimination

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Tibetan Hop Gar Kung Fu is not meant for all students. It is not a Chinese Martial Art practiced exclusively for health. The physical expectations, the mind set required, and its pure intention requires great work and effort.

Sifu Chin and Michael Staples wrote a Hop Gar book that explores the Legends and History Tibetan Hop Gar Kung Fu.

As the Daai Si Hing (Eldest Senior Brother) many years ago Sifu Chin asked me to start writing a 'Fundamentals of Hop Gar' book. He gave me a copy of Park Bok Nam's "Fundamentals of Pakua" and told me to use it as an outline. He said that Park Bok Nam's book was well organized. I have put together all this media together, video, audio, pictures and pages of notes.

I even have several recorded interviews with Sifu Chin explaining the purpose, history of Hop Gar and the development of SiGung Ng's school in San Francisco.

Principles of Hop Gar

Chon - No negotiation, destroy. You can't negotiate with a Tiger. Mental preparation.

Sim- Evade, put your opponent in unfavorable position.

Chun - Penetrate, attack the space movement and non-movement.

Jeet - Intercept, trap inside the yin and yang.

For Years our Hop Gar Training was very rigorous. During my time their we were told 'if you want to learn a sport, take up checkers.'

The Delta's and Special Forces men that I trained with, trained to come home from hostile places.

Hop Gar Sifu Ng Hop Gar Sifu Ng
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