A Young Man That Works Every Week

This Young Man Works His KungFu and Meditation every Sunday with enthusiasm.

Life Gets Messy

My son is in middle school, and 7th grade is a very messy time.

Sales Forces and Marketing is in a constant state of flux.

Dealing with Mid-life crisis, or people who is in mid-life crisis

Lay off starting at the plant

Nothing like trying to get 3 people to baseball, band, and to tutor,
in one car, to feel stressed and spread out.

If we are looking for the outside world to create our calmness and peaceful minds, our chances are small.

Meditation is one practice that allows us the opportunity to get back some control.

Meditation promotes and achieves:

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Learn How to Start a Meditation Practice

Meditation is an uncomplicated exercise, but to receive the greatest benefits from the practice, there are a few things beyond just the techniques that can really make a difference.

You can learn how to start and have a meaningful meditation program with along with Tai Chi or QiGong, or all to itself, to supplement your lifestyle.

meditate nc class

Good Health and Good Performance start in a clear and purposed mindset. Many folks enjoy learning in half-hour private lessons to address their personal concerns.

Meditation is also a component of a well-rounded Tai Chi, QiGong and Chinese Martial Arts program.

We have students that practice meditation exclusively, selecting from different styles, or letting me guide them through a program to fit their needs.

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