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Beginners BaGua 3 Week Course

Starts : Sunday, April 3rd 2016: 10-11am

June 13, 2015 11-12am

Joint Lock Course : Beginners and Novice

April 9, 2016 : Sat 1 - 2:30pm

Ba Gua Zhang

A Chinese Martial Art That Can Serve As A Mindful Walking Meditation and Fitness Regiment

Being Smooth in Your Martial Arts Practice : TKF 64

Whether You Practice Kungfu, QiGong, or Any Other Style

Flowdrills for Martial Arts

Develop Skills and Speed

Ba Gua : Carry the Teacup Integration Workshop

Coiling - Spiraling - Integration

Defining Qi : TKF 27

Chi from Perspectives

When is the Internal Kung Fu Working :TKF 23

New Awareness, Successes and Challenges Reveal themselves

Curriculum of Chinese Martial Art

Many paths of Kung Fu