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Joint Lock Course : Beginners and Novice

April 9, 2016 : Sat 1 - 2:30pm

Meditation : Mind and Body Work

From Calming to Focus and Awareness

Jogging and Tai Chi

Tai Chi assists with health and fitness goals by helping your jogging mechanics

10 Habits to Train Worry to Work for you in Life and Martial Arts : TKF 50

Become a Handler versus the Worrier

Can You Find the Brakes? : TKF 36

It's Scary When You Try to Slow Down and Can't

Mindset and Attitude : Revealed thru Your Kungfu : TKF 032

Martial Arts When you have to Wrestle with Yourself

Accumulating Qi : TKF 29

Martial Arts Effectiveness and Energy

Defining Qi : TKF 27

Chi from Perspectives

When is the Internal Kung Fu Working :TKF 23

New Awareness, Successes and Challenges Reveal themselves