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How to Have Fun Learning : Part 1 : Remove the 3 Barriers

TKF 65 : Any Activity Moves Thru a Progression, Can You Get Out of Your Own Way?

by Sifu TW Smith

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Recently I had posted a picture of me and Kian wrestling at the beach. You can see that picture below.

It was a time where Kian was learning wrestling, and of course the famous Shawn Michaels and UnderTaker are two of our favorites. I had made the comment on the post that "You Don't Want to Be in Your Own Way" while learning.

It stimulated some wonderful responses and a couple of questions.. ie. "It would be great to get out of my own way when learning something, How do you do it?"

That prompted this podcast. I have discussed how we learn motor skills from more a biomechanical and bio-neurological perspective in episodes :

Psychological Approach

This is the psychological approach to learning, During Part 1 I address :

How does it apply to adults versus children?

What is the first, most important ingredient that you must have?

What are 3 barriers that you must minimize or remove to promote learning?

What is the neuroscience that supports this learning model?

Where is the GateKeeper of the Human Mind, that allow information to pass from the senses, to the memory?

How To Have Fun Learning : Martial Arts or Anything Else : Part 1


In This Podcast

Dr. Dorothy Billinger Book : Life is an Attitude: How to Grow Forever Better

Dr. Judy Willis

Neurosciences of Joyful Education

Neurosciences of Learning and Development

Elephant Artwork By: PDids26

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