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Being Smooth in Your Martial Arts Practice : TKF 64

Whether You Practice Kungfu, QiGong, or Any Other Style

by Sifu TW Smith

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smooth martial arts This is the placeholder for this coming weeks Podcast.

Being Smooth is one of the most important components of a practice. It comes after we have developed the concepts of what we are trying to do (memory and objective), then the biomechanics of how to do it, and the correct alignment throughout our body..

After that, we delve into being smooth.

We will look at what a smooth practice demands of us physically and mentally.

What part of the brain is primarily responsible for being smooth?

What is the number one ingredient for smoothness to be present?

What impact does smoothness have to people that practice for combat?

What influence does pacing have to looking for smoothness?

This week I will share stories of people who practice being smooth, and get paid millions to do it. The "Why and The How" of Being Smooth..

Word Search Puzzle

I thought it would be fun to provide a Word Search Puzzle. It has the main ingredients to putting Smoothness in Your Practice as the Clue Words. You can download the image and print it.. or you can complete it online. The Links are in this weeks Newsletter.

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