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New Sciences in Goal Setting : TKF 54

Take Your Martial Arts, Health and Life to a New Level

by Sifu TW Smith

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goals,martial arts,karate,kungfu,raleigh We all want to improve upon where we are, somewhere in our lives.

Climbing to new heights is part of life's pursuits.

Practicing Martial Arts and QiGong of any style inherently comes with the pursuit of improvement or to maintain skill.

What seperates those from who seem to achieve massive results, those who achieve steady results and those who achieve spotty results?

One thing for sure... "Whether you practice setting goals and intentions or not, it has an effect on where you are headed."

Artwork By : PHumada

In Podcast #54 :

* Author Writes : "What I Learned About WeightLoss In Kungfu"

*Neuro-Sciences Behind Goal Setting..

What has and hasn't worked for me

Tangible and Intangible Goals

How far can you reasonably set a goal?

How clear can you make a goal?

How does goal setting work in your mind? What does it change?

#54 New Sciences of Goal Setting

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