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4 Area's Your Ego Has Direct Access to Your Mind : TKF 66

The Ego's Ability to Change Your Perception

by Sifu TW Smith

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ego,martial arts,learning Becoming aware of our ego can be a painful and embarressing journey. It can also be one of the most rewarding.

During this Podcast I will provide the reasons why it is so difficult to see your ego.

The Role of Ego

The 4 Primary area's of your mind that your Ego has direct access to.

The 3 Secondary brain functions that Ego will access to influence your reality

The 3 Primary Components that make up Ego

How to set find your Ego Baseline

What is an Ego conflict and how you can almost predict it.

Why woud your Ego want to change your perception of this world?

Is there anything else that is similar to an ego in this world?

If you practice martial arts, what is the possible ramifications for not dealing with ego?

Recognize Your Ego : TKF 66

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