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When is the Internal Kung Fu Working :TKF 23

New Awareness, Successes and Challenges Reveal themselves

by Sifu TW Smith

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Thank you to Sifu Pawlowski who creates the Kung Fu Minitures in pewter. They are awesome. He sent me one. Share the Kung Fu and help orphans at same time. : www.tibetankungfu.net/orphans

Kwoon Anniversaries:

Dwight - 8 years now / Peter - 7 years ago /


* In Honor of Veteran's Day, this week if you know of a Veteran who wants to try Tai Chi or meditation, they can come this week to any scheduled classes this week.

* Bruce informed me that things are going well at the Veterans Association and it looks like he will be teaching some of the Veterans who are now blind. With the training and the Reeling Silk Program, he is able to convey a followable message that you can follow in the visualization processes of the mind.

* Thanksgiving Day Closed / How we roll : Just because we closed doesn't mean we are not open.


Tibetan Kung Fu Podcast 23:

How do you know when the internal kungfu is working. 2 stories : One about a seasoned White Crane practitioner that was sent to me for practice and after a year of internal, he went back to his external and it was much better.

The second, new student, few months in, has been working Bagua and pushhands. She has probably heard the work 'framework' more in three months that ever in her life. It is one of the top five Kungfu Commandments after:

1. Know the internal chain of command

2. All movement .. never mind, I will discuss in anther podcast.

She is pushing a cart in the grocery store, getting her stuff, then it clicks in her :

"Put your framework together."

She makes a mental adjustment, that translates to a physical activation of awareness and wa-laaa how she is pushing her cart in a totally different manner, and she can feel it. Almost effortless.

Speaking of grocery stores and in honor of Dwight. He used to get in trouble for practicing his bagua 'mud sliding step' and 'camel step' in the grocery store. :)

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