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Going Back To Move Forward : TKF 74

Putting Emphasis on the Details of the Fundamentals

by Sifu TW Smith

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focus,basics,fundamentals,qigong,kungfu,tw smith If you practice Martial Arts, QiGong, even meditation, or anything that matters, you want to progress. Isn’t it frustrating when the only way to go forward is to go back? Happens all the time. Focus on fundamentals to discover and unlock.

During This Podcast:

A Teacher that is inspired by a young man on the kidney transplant list

My son is inspired by a boy with one arm

Training by the Path of Tao

Getting Better by Going Back

Halloween Story of a Jona, A Hotel in China, and the Ghost in her picture

Getting Back to Fundamentals


Our Official Cake Pop Maker : Ms. Kat Sweet Bites CakePops 

Hotel Halloween Ghost in Hotel : Screams From an Empty Room

Artwork By : Mango of Sketchclub

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