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Meditation : Mind and Body Work

From Calming to Focus and Awareness

by Sifu TW Smith

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Meditation may take on many forms and styles. Sitting meditation is used often for mind clarity and calming. There is also standing, walking, and moving meditation, and if you are too weak for any of these, laying meditation.

Standing, Moving and Seated is where we start students can here in Raleigh. all forms meditation benefit you mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Meditation promotes and achieves:

  • calming the heart / mind
  • becoming aware of our distractions/tensions
  • deepening the breath
  • integration of full body
  • correcting posture misalignments
  • strengthening joints, tendons and ligaments
  • improves balance
  • circulatory improvements (blood, lymph, and cellular fluid)
  • plus many more benefits
Energy, breath and blood circulate freely through meditation. In our small groups and private lessons in Raleigh; we learn to meditate with simple calming exercises that lures the mind back inside.

Natural Detoxification - The meditational breathing practiced increases lymphatic movement by 10-20 times, helping to remove toxins from your system.

There are only a few English translations of this style of meditation.  Through our meditation training and practice, you can find the postures that best suit to strengthen you. Through meditation practice you cultivate a stillness and calmness that allows you to look within for your answers and keys to self-development. 

This style of meditation training is helpful for anyone at any age.  Even if you do not wish to practice kung fu, you can learn and practice standing, sitting, and walking meditation to gain results.

Chi Kung (energy training) and Yi Chuan (mind strengthening) are blended into students meditation practice

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