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Bacon was Cooking in Sparring Class : TKF 40

Some students turned up the KungFu Heat a little...

by Sifu TW Smith

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In Episode 40 :

Saw 2 minute video of kungfu puppet. Wow!! details, fun story, very professional and generating lots of interest.


Bob came in from Myrtle Beach, will be on the Kung Fu Beach Trip Workshop at the end of the month : www.tibetankungfu.net/beachtrip

He also told me that the Buddha in Blue Jeans Meditations has helped him get rest at night.

This past week I posted an audiobook, One hour and 40 minutes of research and history on the Shaolin Monastery.

Those are free downloads for Content Members and I will never be selling them.

Main Topics

Army soldier's lift a car off a teenagers. Chief Warrant Officer Langoria say's :

“I didn’t realize how much of that stuck and how quickly just instincts took over. I was doing a lot of stuff just out of muscle memory.”

Audio from the martial arts full contact sparring this past weekend. You can see a quick highlight at our Tibetan Kung Fu YouTube Channel


Travis had sent me a question from Seattle.

What is the comparison between "Devotion and Commitment."

Download "The Bacon was Cooking"

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All Hail Bacon Artwork by Songfeather

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