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Recognizing A Bully : TKF 41

Good Strategies to Face Bullying

by Sifu TW Smith

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Monday Chikung Meditation : 24 minutes

Students ask about how to get grounded

Share a standing Chikung

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Reeling Silk TaiJi Ebook

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During the "Don't Bully" Podcast:

How Bullying is affecting our KungFu Family

Kids and Adults

Types of bullying

Types of bullies

Recording of a Live Private Lesson where we discuss and play out strategies of facing said bully.

Difference between Civilian Survival Combat and Military Combat

How you can be labeled a bully

What to do if you bullied.

What to do if you witness bullying.

What to do if you recognize that you are the bully.

Mentioned in this Podcast

Kids Help Phone

Bullying Statistics

NC Bullying Prevention PDF

What to do if you are the bully. : Online Workbook

Life Habits Podcast : Episode #75

Updates :

You may also find Podcast 51 : Progressive Use of Martial Arts Skill and Force informative.

June 3, 2015, Forbes Magazine : "Effects of Bullying" I cover it in Episode 53

Download : Recognizing a Bully

Another Resource :

Confessions of a Bully

Trevor Project :

Youth Line :

Kids Help Phone :

I also reference this podcast for more information :

When is Deescalation Over : TKF 015 : A popular podcast where I share with you how to know when a esculated problem is done.

Youtube Version:

Itunes Version

Original Artwork : "Don't Bully by Becca"

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