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TKF 002 Beach Retreat 2014 Podcast

Annual Kung Fu | Tai Chi Retreat to energize practice and re-establish foundation

by Sifu TW Smith

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Tai Chi Beach Retreat

Changing your environment, even for a weekend can stir your energy.

Each year for several years Tibetan Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan has had a beach retreat to re-establish our practice.

It is not a publicized revenue generator. It is a retreat for our Kung Fu | Tai Chi Family. This year we focused on training Ba Gua on the beach, and a good side of Hop Gar as well.

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A very small NC beach town is where we go off to. A small place my grandfather and grandmother built in the 1960's. My memories there are back to 1968 and it is a special place.

Now my son thinks of it as is second home, my mom takes him as she took me, as often as possible.

It is truly a pleasure to share this with my KungFu Family and we always enjoy it.

In this podcast we recognize some of the folks who attended and send a hello to some who weren't able to participate this year.

Your Call To Action? Go Practice, Make YourSelf Better Today :)

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