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11 Factors that Enhance Adult Learning Martial Arts: TKF 68

3 Professors of Psychology and Neuroscience Synthesized Into 1 Podcast

by Sifu TW Smith

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sifu tw smith,martial arts,kungfu,hopgar Martial Arts is a Journey. One filled with Learning, Challenges and Setbacks.

Are you making harder on yourself than necessary to learn?

What can you do to make learning more effective, effecient, come quicker and last longer?

NeuroSciences Help Here.

This podcast is the 4th and closing of the series associated with Adult Learning. I took 3 professors of Psychology and Researchers of Neurosciences to synthesize their research into this one podcast.

Included in Podcast 68 :

4 Factors that Ensure You Barely Move in Learning

11 Factors that will Enhance Your Learning

How you can use it to make learning Martial Arts, Sports or anything simplier

Implementing the plan to make someone else's journey in learning smoother.

11 Factors that Enhance Adult Learning

All 11 Factors Will Be Listed in Next Weeks Newsletter : Along with a Word Search Puzzle on Martial Arts Learning


Dr Dorothy D. Billington

Seven Characteristics of Highly Effective Adult Learning Programs

Life is an Attitude: How to Grow Forever Better

Dr. Lila Davachi

Dr. Lela Vandenberg : Five Principles of Adult Learning

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