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The Duality of Ego : Where Do You See it in Martial Arts? : TKF 67

5 Tips to Work Thru the Shackles of Ego

by Sifu TW Smith

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ego,martial arts,zen,buddhist How do you recognize when the ego has clouded us? What are the red flags?

What if you have had enough about understanding ego? Tired of it all, and decide that you will "LET EGO RULE!"

This podcast is jammed packed.

As a followup to 4 Area's Your Ego Has Direct Access to Your Mind : TKF 66  and to continue with the theme of how we, as adults, learn : How to Have Fun Learning : Part 1 : Remove the 3 Barriers  this podcast will provide much more detail about how we find ourselves in certain places.

There have been volumes written on the concepts of ego, across almost every religion and philosophy known to man.

Some promote squashing the ego, removing it, which would be like voluntarily removing your own hand.. but at least you can 'see' your hand.

I believe a better translation and interpretation of this concept is to 'balance your ego'. Recognize why it works, how it works, why it is there to help you..

During This Podcast:

What does this concept mean in the Chinese Teaching?

Seeing the Dual, Complimentary path of Ego

5 Tips to Work Thru the Shackles of Ego

3 Voices that Speak, in everything you say

A List of Things that annoy my Karate friend Jesse Enkamp.. one is totally unacceptable.. on him )

Duality of Ego : Martial Arts, QiGong and Life

Mentioned and Referenced:

In the Podcast and in next weeks newsletter, there will be links to the Ego Baseline Survey

Amazon : The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Itunes : Power of Now Book : Power of Now App :

Understanding the Ego : The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Jesse Enkamp, Karate By Jesse : 27 Things that Karate People Do that Annoy Me

Dave Walters : Indian Chief Explains Ego

Waylon Lewis : Zen of Ego, Just Let Ego Rule

Cindy Lau, owner of Crossfit Kindred

Advanced Life Skills

And the wonderful actress and teacher, Melanie Chartoff

If you are ready to take a trip and practice Tai Chi and mindfulness in a beautiful place, you can use my friends at bookmartials, that I have gotten to know over the past year, to take a Tai Chi and Mindfulness Trip to Spain

They have been nothing short of specatular to get to know. And I have recently aligned myself with them as an affiliate because I have gotten to know them so well.

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