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Learn the Fundamentals of Tai Chi in 4 weeks

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Tai Chi For Beginners

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Tai Chi For Beginners 4 Week Course October 1, 2014 | Consecutive Wednesdays 10-11 a.m. - $79

Tai Chi For Beginners is a simple form of exercise that includes mindful motion and balance.

Tai Chi 10 minutes + Stretching 5 minutes = 1520 steps (15% done!!! of the recommended 10,000 steps/day.) Benefit from a safe form of exercise.

We want you to be successful and have a great time. To encourage that:

While you are enrolled you can come two more times per week for practice at No Additional Cost.

Basic Movements and Exercises

We keep Class size limited so we can focus on you.

No Extra fee's for staying little longer to practice :)

Get the Benefits of Tai Chi

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