KungFu Training Naturally Develops Skills of Life and Learning

Introducing Young Dragons Martial Arts

Our children are developing in a fast paced world, where technology is at their fingertips.

At this speed, with emphasis on passing standardized tests, multi-tasking and quick gratification, many of the important components are blurred or missed entirely.

When we developed this program, we took in consideration many things that we have learned over the years working with children and their families privately.

The Young Dragons Program Addresses these Concerns

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History : True Story

Daniel Kump was a socialogist doing research in 1925. Professor Kump was not a martial artist, he was studying the rural life of Southern China. He got settled in a small place called the Phoenix Village. There were several other small villages in the region.

The Phoenix Village put together funds by selling tea to get a martial arts instructor to come to the village to work with the young people. In those days, an individual and a village was responsible for developing their protection, for there was no police to protect against thieves and bandits.

Even though the residents of the Phoenix Village worked to provide the children an opportunity to learn, the elders of the regional communities didn't like it. Professor Kump reported that the children who participated in the martial arts training, no matter their skill level, developed into natural leaders, stood up for injustices and poor representation.

As a dad, I hope my son grows up to be one of those natural leaders. Its not about how many belts you get, boards you break or trophies. As Professor Kump witnessed, its about developing yourself and belief in yourself.

Our Personal Development Formula

First, we create an environment for learning, Class sizes are kept small so an non-distractive environment is created.

Our Formula also includes a monthly emphasis on an educational component, an awareness component and activity component.

For example, on the month that the Life Skill of Patience is emphasized:

Class Size is Limited to 6. It may be months before we open another class or expand to 8.

Every Child Can Be Successful

The Young Dragons Program does not have standardized tests for belts to progress, but a Young Dragon has to earn the opportunity to advance to the next level.

The 3 Ingredients to Progress are:

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Finer Details of the Program

We have outlined the program for one year, month by month. In each 30 minute lesson, a Young Dragon will practice :

You will receive updates on your Young Dragon's progress throughout program.

children martial arts program raleigh nc, kungfuOur Committment to You

I am a dad of 12 year old. I designed this program with the intention that I would want my son go through it. I can assure you that through this KungFu program, your child will get the opportunity to develop :

I take great pride in working with young folks and will take excellent care of your child.

Sifu TW. Smith

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