Private Training Classes on Chi Kung, Kung Fu & Tai Chi Sessions In Raleigh, Cary NC

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Why learn Tai Chi and Kung Fu in Private Lessons?

We estimate that students who take private lessons in Tai Chi and Kung Fu learn 200% - 300% faster than in class settings.

When you are receiving undivided attention for one hour, it provides you with a tremendous amount of guidance and feedback.

A private class is individualized for your particular needs, on that day, wherever the greatest need exists, thats where we will focus effort and time. (Kung Fu actually means "effort and time")

Great Value in Private Sessions

Build Family Bonds

We encourage the bonding of family and provide family / companion sessions at no additional fee for up to 3 people. We want you to have an atmosphere where you can bond with your companion and children, that is:

We support the bond between you and your family.

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Several people have began or continued their private lessons with the new online Stay Connected program.

With private sessions you quickly begin to work toward your goals and develop understanding and skill. As you progress, you can easily migrate into the public class and further your training. We may discover that other area's of training may require priority before we can progress.

Most challenging time

Most students will tell you that the most challenging times are the first 3 - 7 sessions. We are getting acclimated and introduced to one another, to the kwoon (school), discovering expectations, and physically learning movements and developing skills. Also, we will discover how you learn, and how you treat yourself while you learn.

Beginners are just more successful in Private Lessons

Whether you have previous training or not, it is much easier to get distracted when you start out. The private sessions focus the mind on task at hand. Without others distraction you benefit in every minute of practice.

Types of Lessons

Multi-Hour Lessons are popular with our folks that come in on vacations or travel a lot, but want to pick up enough material to work on in chunks

Some training will only occur in private.

Due to the high level of expectation and responsibility, some training will only occur in private. For example, Tibetan Hop Gar Kung Fu, Hsing I (Yi Chuan), Shaolin Nei Gung (Shaolin Mind-Body Tendon Work) are taught primarily in small groups or privately.

That is because in those instances, details matter. Your ability to stay focused and be well rounded is imperative. We have not lowered the expectations or watered down the kungfu to make it easier to teach or learn. We will give our best and expect the same.

The personal sessions in Raleigh are designed to make your experience worthwhile, informative and successful. There are several choices in Raleigh for your lessons.

If you are ready to come on in, Pick a Private Session that works for you.

Private Sessions of Tai Chi Chuan and Tibetan Kung Fu