Chinese Martial Arts are part of a ancient history and culture. During the Ming Dynasy (13th Century), Martial Arts were written about in the literature as a way to develop oneself.

You can study the Practical Chinese Martial Arts techniques and applications here, such as:

"Good Strategy Always OverCome Good Techniques"

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raleigh kungfu taichi Components of Your Chinese Martial Arts Study Includes :

  • Qin Na : including Joint Locks
  • Shaolin Long Staff
  • Impact Equipment

  • Muk Jung : Wooden Dummy
  • Other Weopons
  • Flow Drills

  • Understanding Civilian Martial Arts Objectives and Strategies
  • How to apply appropriate strategies to meet your objectives
  • What to do when facing a knife, shank or firearm

Chinese Martial Arts, QiGong and Tai Chi in Raleigh, NC with Sifu TW. Smith