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Kwan Gong (Kwan Kung) is the Warrior of Peace and God of War.

Kwan Gong (Guan Yu) is poised in practically every kung fu Kwoon (school). Whether as a picture or statue, his presence to oversee activity and training is inspiring.

Kwan Gong was born 162 A.D. near the end of the Han Dynasty. He grew up selling vegetables and became the Greatest General of all time. His strength, courage, and fluid field tactics were unparrelled. Yet it was this combined with his loyalty, dedicaton, wisdom and leadership that put him in the realm of immortality.

In practically every image Kwan Gong is holding his weapon known as Kwan Dao. A strong staff with a large blade. This weapon requires strength and skill to master. It is said that his blade weighed 82 jin, around 20 lbs.

Guan Yu (Kwan Gung) served under Liu Bei during the late Han Dynasty and an era referred to as the Three Kingdoms Period. It was Guan Yu that led the removal of the Han Dynasty to install the First Emporer, Liu Bei, the Kingdom of Shu around 220 A.D.

As all legends go, the stories get embellished as they go, yet there is no doubt that Guan Yu (Kwan Gung) was embraced centuries ago as the representative of loyalty, courage, and willing to stand for peace of the Chinese people.

It is said that not only was he an excellent General that was able to avoid confrontations when advantageous, but that over time he was offered land, money, and women by the Emporers enemies. These enemies knew that if they had to face Guan Yu on the battlefield, that would most likely loose, so they took a softer approach to get themselves in.

Guan Yu never sold out, and along side with his son, Guan Ping, they were later executed by Sun Qua.

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