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Transition from a Busy Day : Use Tai Chi, BaGua, / Podcast TKF 014

Meditation Fits into Your Martial Arts

by Sifu TW Smith

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Transition Busy Day, Tai Chi, BaGua and Meditation Mindful Transition Podcast :

  • How to Transition from a Busy Day using Mindful Tai Chi and Ba Gua
  • Avoid "Mental JackKnife" by hitting the brakes too hard
  • How does Meditation fit into Martials Arts
  • If you practice Hop Gar or Southern Style Choy Li Fut here with me

This episode brings us to an almost seasonal concern that students don't feel they have enough time to practice. A busy life makes it hard to make the time, but even when you do make the time,

Is going from '100 to 1' just hitting the brakes too hard?

I have been there, many times. Use your Tai Chi and BaGua to transition from a busy day to a calm one.

How do you transition from "Warp Speed" to "Calm Body and Mind"?

My clinical and corporate experience gave me an excellent opportunity to learn how. Avoid the "Mental JackKnife" that can occur if you go from 100 to 1. :)

We reference a few of the workshops and classes that are coming up, you can see down below.

The KungFu Bootcamp is going fantastic. Looking at going through it again very soon.

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: 9:14 Minutes


Tai Chi Course Yang 9

Ryan: Hope the Mok Yee Pai are working you hard. We are almost ready to take a group through the Reeling Silk Tai Chi Certification.

Question We Recently Received:

8/15/2014: Leah after BaGua Class sent us an email

Please tell everyone thank you for Saturday. I always leave feeling appreciative of the welcoming atmosphere at the Kwoon. Very refreshing and happy that I can look forward to the next time."

"My Dad is 76 years old and lives in Wilson with his wife. Both would benefit from Tai Chi and seem to be curious about it. Does your school have a Tai Chi component that seniors would enjoy? I'm trying to find a program to get them started in. But it needs to be very calm, low pressure etc (I've seen some very paradoxical approaches to teaching Tai Chi; my folks need very friendly and laid back, likely with no tests, etc)." Our Response : "Our atmosphere is relaxed and I respect the care you are taking for your family. Let me know and we will meet you soon."

Email from South China

Sifu Smith, My apologies for the late response. I have been traveling the last month and just returned home. I really enjoyed checking out several articles on the kung fu podcast and reading about your background and heart for the treasures of life and the Chinese martial arts. Very cool. I appreciate your willingness to share a little about our efforts through our for purpose company. If you believe what we do will be interesting and encouraging to those who view the podcast I would be glad to write something up or answer any questions you may have. I am currently in SE China so my responses would be slightly delayed because of the difference in time. Thank you for your contributions to helping people live longer, healthier, and happier lives. Blessings, Shifu Stan Pawolaski

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