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Tools of the Trade : TKF 038

Its Not Just What You Have, But How You Use Them

by Sifu TW Smith

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New Years Dinner was great.. Ate too much flounder  and dim sum..

Half way in the Chinese New Year celebration

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Lao Sing : The Shooting Star Dragon.

Personal Stories

Caught myself in a negative moment

I had just sit down in the Fireroom during a workout.

Student came by to discuss events

She was finding herself getting angry in her meditation

I recently had a student stop by that I haven't seen in months. She wanted to discuss some current events that were spinning in her life.  She said that she was getting angry during her meditation.

I sketched out our discussion. I am a natural visual learner, so I sketch objects, draw roads, bridges, exits, as we go, so I can see it.  Then we looked at it from a variety of perspectives.

"That is what your kungfu family is for."

Since then she has told me that her meditation practice was much better and she was able to see when she getting drawn in emotionally and be able to see more clearly.

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