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TKF 006 BaGua Cornerstones

Essential Components of PaQua

by Sifu TW Smith

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BaGua Cornerstones BaGua as a Meditative Art First, Martial Art Second

  • 36:25 Minute Audio
    10 minutes of PaQua Theory
    25 Minute PaQua Chi Kung Workout
  • Ok, the title says 15 minutes, those were 'Sifu Minutes' :)
    One minute meditation = Two Minutes Real time..


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"Center Your Mind While Your Body is in Motion"

BaGua is one of the most unique Chinese Martial Arts.

Before that, two components were part of the famous meditative Taoist Quan Zhen practice, dating back to 1170 AD.

  • Walk The Circle
  • Center The Mind During Motion

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BaGua Cornerstones Summary
  • BaGua has been a form of mind training for hundreds of years before being a chinese martial art.
  • Centered Mind, Strong Legs, Flexible Waist
  • Make Time for your training, Don’t find the time
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