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TKF 005 Mortar for the Bricks

Training of the Mind provides strength during difficult times

by Sifu TW Smith

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TKF 005 Mortar For The Bricks Train your mind to overcome difficult situations

  • 12:53 Minute Audio
    "If techniques, habits and reactions are the bricks, your thoughts and confidence is the mortar."


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Reeling Silk TaiJi Book is in next draft, for public release. The program is getting ready to take Jean through the certification process. She has done over a year of Apprenticeship teaching.

"It is always easier to do what is necessary when things are going our way."

Fighter named Trent

Story about young man that who decided to put his training in a ring. It wasn't his physical skills that needed deeper work.

3 Phases and 9 Stages of Mind Training

Phase 1 - Stabilization of your mind is most critical. Without it, you can wobble (my laymen way of saying it) when you need to be firm.

The main ingredient for training your mind is consistency. I share other attributes that will compliment consistency. Then other ingredients that get us through Phase 1 - Stabilization

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Summary of TKF 005 "Mortar for the Bricks Episode
  • We all do better when things go our way
  • Real strength doesn’t lie in your technique,
    it lies in mortar that holds them together
  • Stabilizing your mind is step one
  • You can start anytime. Requires no uniform
  • You will benefit from the journey of knowing yourself

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What have a few folks said?
Bruce Eads - Facebook : "Yes. Good Kung fu requires growth in mind, body, and spirit. The lessons learned may be applied in everything we do from intense personal needs to mowing grass. Thank you Sifu."
Travis - Text : "Podcast 5 = :-). After listening, feel as if I owe you for private lesson!"

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