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TKF 004 Boots on the Ground Meditation

3 minutes for my son and I to get the day started, heading in right direction

by Sifu TW Smith

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TKF 004 Boots on the Ground Summary

  • 10 Minute Audio
    "Boots on the Ground" means to set yourself on good foundation.
    "Pointing in the Right Direction" requires you have an intention of what direction you will take today.
  • 3 Minute Meditation
    Son and I walk through it
    How we use it
  • Developments
    New Platforms to be found
  • Extra
    Link to seperate mp3 of just the meditation for download

Start Your Day with Boots on Ground | Point them in right Direction

When training Kung Fu, put as much emphasis on the mind, as the body.

Having a foundation and direction each day is paramount in life and training. My 11 year old son and I start the mornings with a 3 minute meditation to get a direction.

It has helped me as a father. It has helped him in knowing his responsibilities and dealing with personalities at school. Working the mind, ultimate kung fu :)

"The closer you are to stepping in right direction, with the first steps you take each day. The easier it is to get there."

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In this podcast is a link to a separate mp3 file of just the meditation.

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