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TKF 003 : Weaving KungFu Styles

Pursue skills and understanding of self through martial arts practice. TW Smith discusses benefits and challenges of blending different styles.

by Sifu TW Smith

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TKF 003 Weaving Kungfu Styles Picture Practicing KungFu or any other Martial Art takes time and effort. It is often important to remember the reasons to practice martial arts are greater than just training hands and feet. You must develop heart and your mind.

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Through this show, we will look at the advantages of not clinging to style, but to gather understanding from each.

Through time we would weave together one style into a next. Later we would return to our Hop Gar, Bagua, or Hsing I, and find quickly that it was actually better than we left it.

Benefits of Weaving Through

With the "Mortar that Holds the Bricks Together" (the title of TKF 005 Podcast) coming in 2 weeks, we could put strands together. The other is the "rising tide raises all boats". In this context it means, that as your mind, heart and understanding improves, your kung fu will raise up with it.

This isn't complicated, meets with observable understanding, it is hard to argue. So why is it so difficult? As we learn in practice,
"Just because something is simple, doesn't make it easy."

During this podcast I discuss the benefits and challenges of weaving different styles through the course of years. Examples of people such as Bruce Lee and Ancient Shaolin who would achieve excellence in a style and then build onto it in other ways. Examples of people who did the same things in their personal lives.

Training for Excellence : Internally and/or Externally

During this 9:23 second podcast you will also be able to see how we can use the same tools and ingredients, but on simple perspective, develop many different things.


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