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TKF 001 Introduction to Our KungFu Kwoon Podcast

Tibetan KungFu Chinese Martial Art Podcast. Our First - Kwoon, Curriculum and Facility

by Sifu TW Smith

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chinese martial art kwoon Our First Podcast

Thank you for stopping by the Tibetan Kung Fu Blog. It has been a work in motion and we are striving to get better.

Our first podcast is designed to introduce ourselves and to help address frequently asked questions about our training hall (Kwoon). Over the years I have been told that we are:

  • "Old School"
  • "A Throwback"
  • "Fresh and Relaxing"
  • "Hard to Find"

You can see what many folks have said about us, some publicaly, Look at recent Testimonials 

These are wonderful comments to my ears. Many our students have been with us going on 7-10 years. In all honesty though, our school doesn't run by a 'design', it is simply the only way I know how.

The Kwoon

Our Kwoon (Chinese Martial Art Training Hall) runs the only way I remember mine running. Over the years I have taken heat for not changing into a "new business model" or "not emphasizing profits". I never got involved in Kung Fu for that, and I don't stay in it for that.

We love seeing people grow, progress, pull themselves from the shadows and makes themselves stronger and better, in many aspects.

The Curriculum

Our approach to training is always the same, it is the techniques that change. If the intent is to help the student, then you must take each one and discover where is the comfort zone, where is the most resistance. Each student is different, but our objective is the same:

Work Diligently - Be Steady - Assess and Change

"Practice to be a better person first, A better martial artist second."

We hope that you find answers to many of your questions in our first podcast. We want your feedback, and we are working to make it better.

Thank you again for the opportunity to introduce ourselves.

Ping us on Twitter (@Tibetankungfu) to let us know what you thought.

Tibetan KungFu Podcast : TKF 001

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