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The Critical Ingredient to Getting the Results You Need : TKF 58

It is Built Directly into Your Martial Arts and QiGong

by Sifu TW Smith

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results,martial arts,kungfu,qigong,chikung In Podcast 58 I will share

Using Social media for us at TKF&TCC

Students Recent Breakthrough on a Fixed Mindset

Recognizing How to Apply Your Martial Training in Different Area's

I walk through the Steps that I use

What is a Critical Ingredient, that you must have?

I added a Live Recording of a Qigong Meditation Class, where we discuss :

How can you use meditation, to make a difference,

Getting the mind to a point of associative thinking, connecting the dots, in Martial Arts and the World.

I take the students through a 15 minute meditation.

Download : Critical Ingredient to Getting the Results You Desire

I will put the notes and steps of this podcast in an upcoming newsletter.

Arwork : Working Ladies

Also Mentioned in this Podcast :

100 Ways to Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever

Mindset and Attitude : Revealed thru Your Kungfu : TKF 032

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