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Tai Chi - Yang 24 Form

Yang 24 Course - Tai Chi for Better Health

by Sifu TW Smith

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The Yang 24 Form Tai Chi was developed in 1956, by the National Physical Culture and Sports Commission in China. The Yang 24 Form is often referred to as the Beijing Form.

The Yang 24 delivers excellent health benefits for the masses.

Because of its official support, the Tai Chi Yang 24 is the most well known set of Tai Chi Form in the world.

Benefits of Yang 24

The Yang 24 Tai Chi Form it only takes 10 minutes to complete. In this short duration, Yang 24 promotes

  • flowing circulation,
  • full body balance,
  • moving flexibility,
  • steady gracefullness.
  • calm mind

The first set of Tai Chi that I learned from Sifu Chin was the Yang 108. We were required to go through slowly, taking us 45 - 60 minutes to do one set.

Later, in Texas, I practiced they Yang 24 and others health styles, within a Chinese Community in Houston, as I developed a friendship with Lian Ping Zhang 

The Yang 24 provides a gentler, milder opportunity to learn health style Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

Tai Chi Yang 24 is used in studies showing excellent changes in:

  • blood pressure,
  • diabetes,
  • fibromyalgia,
  • stress management,
  • emotional pressure.

Learn the Yang 24 in Private Lessons or in Yang Tai 24 Course

5 Common Questions from our students

  • "I am out of shape, can I do this?"
    Yes, The Yang 24 is mild enough for cardiac, arthritic, pulmonary and people with other health concerns.

  • "I need a wheelchair or walker, which should I learn?"
    The Reeling Silk program is currently used in clinics with folks in wheelchairs, amputees and physically unable to stand for long or at all.

  • "I have memory problems, dementia or alzheimer's, can I learn it?"
    You can improve memory through the Yang 24. If it is severe stages, then the Reeling Silk may be best.

  • "I am totally inexperienced, which is better for me?"
    Yang 24 is excellent for beginners. Progression is slow enough for soaking. If you need a confidence booster before swimming in deeper water, take the Reeling Silk.

  • "Which Tai Chi program should I learn?"
    If you no reason as listed above not too, the Yang 24 is excellent. If you are concerned and want more confidence and awareness, the Reeling Silk will provide that confidence for you.
Form list
  1. Commencement
  2. Parting Wild Horse's Mane
  3. Crane Spreads Wings
  4. Brush Knee and Twist Step
  5. Play Pipa
  6. Back Walking Monkey
  7. Left Grasp Sparrow's Tail
    • Ward Off (Peng)
    • Rollback (Lu)
    • Press (Ji)
    • Push (An)
  8. Right Grasp Sparrow's Tail (You Lan Quewei)
  9. Single Whip (Danbian)
  10. Cloud Hands
  11. Single Whip
  12. High Pat on Horse
  13. Right Heel Kick
  14. Double Ear Punch
  15. Turn Body and Left Heel Kick
  16. Left Lower Body and Stand on One Leg
    • Snake Creeps Down (Single Whip Squatting Down)
    • Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg
  17. Right Lower Body and Stand on One Leg
  18. Lady Works Shuttles
  19. Needle To Sea Bottom
  20. Fan Through Back
  21. Turn Body, Intercept, Parry, and Punch
  22. Fold and Close Up
  23. Cross Hands - Gather Clouds
  24. Close
Join us Yang Tai 24 Course

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