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Practicing Tai Chi is Beneficial For Any Practitioner of the Chinese Martial Arts and QiGong

by Sifu TW Smith

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Tai Chi is an excellent resource to develop balance, skills, and health.

Put the mind and body together in harmony. An art that began as a martial style, but was modified to emphasize supple movements, creating energy, balance and flow.

Over time, Tai Chi Chuan has developed into many styles and forms. Even its name has changed over time. Tai Chi (TaiJi - Pin Yin) can be traced back as legend to Chang San-Feng and further.
The principles and theories of Tai Chi as a martial art extend deep into history.

Develop your physical skills with Tai Chi by starting at practically any stage of health. Use Tai Chi to achieve new levels of flexibility, balance, and stamina at your pace.

Tai Chi exercise moves in gentle, flowing manner, it is often referred to as moving meditation, due to the focus of circulation, breathing, mental alertness, and emotional stability practiced while moving through the form.

If you are looking to improve your health, calm your mind, or improve your ability to respond positively mentally and emotionally,Tai Chi Chuan is an excellent place to start.

Students learn Tai Chi or another style of moving meditation, just as we did. Sifu emphasized that it was the balance for all the other things that we would get involved in.

Yang Tai Chi is the fundemental style that all students learn. Later they can get involved with Tai Chi Chuan which has the martial components built in. This version of Yang Tai Chi Chuan has many components of the Chin Canon Fist System as Yang Lu Chan had learned it from the Chin Family.

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The Health Benefits of Tai Chi are well noted, here are respected sources:

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