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Stay Connected Lessons

Working Together Over the Web

by Sifu TW Smith

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Having access to private Tai Chi or Meditation Lessons through the major mediums such as Skype, Hangouts, and Facetime is great. The "Staying Connected" Lessons has been a wonderful addition.

We are now equipped to work with folks who would be here, but can't be due to responsibilities or location.

The other neat part is I have met new folks from around the county who want to learn Reeling Silk, Tai Chi, Meditation and other systems.

It is Excellent for:

  • Staying connected
  • Private Meditation Lessons of various lengths
  • Floor routines together

  • Reveiwing previous lessons
  • Correcting basics
  • Getting Grounded
  • Starting with fundamentals.

I set it up so it is just like you are here, in our big room.

Better than Book or Video

If you have tried to learn from a book or video. The biggest lacking thing is feedback. Though it isn't 'hands on', I have found that I can guide you through on some things.

What has worked really great is when I send you a book, video, audio or all of them and then we go through it online, together. That really has helped.

There are 3 packages right now:

15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes. You can purchase and use it as a package, or as a single lesson.

For example, you can get a 30 minute package and divide into two 15-minute packages.

I have an "at-home mom" that does 10 minute sessions, because that is all the time her little one will allow. So I will gladly flex around your needs. Lets just either get you moving or keep you moving.

If you are interested head over to our White Bamboo Store and pick a package. I will email or text you to set up an appointment. We schedule 7 days per week.

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