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Rational Thought is Based on Perspective : TKF 55

Discerning Between These Matters in Martial Arts and Life

by Sifu TW Smith

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perspective,rational,martial arts, self protection Rational Thoughts and Emotions can lead to either rational or irrational actions.

In Martial Arts and Life, that can lead to problems and costly failures.

But being able to differentiate between them in yourself is a first ingrediant.

Not making 'morals' or 'qualities' like 'truth and lies' synonymous to rational or irrational is important.

How embracing the irrational is being as perfect as the rational creates a paradigm shift, that help in all aspects of life.

In the Podcast Based on Perspective of Rational Thoughts and Actions :

Why does the irrational make sense sometimes?

Why is it important to identify it in yourself?

Why are some emotions very rational?

How does it relate to martial arts?

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Artwork: Perspective by Kwarrz

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