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Progressive Use of Martial Arts Skill and Force : TKF 51

Practice Kungfu with Purpose and Awareness

by Sifu TW Smith

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martial arts,skill,force I was preparing a podcast to share a technique that is used in most Martial Arts. During the research I became acutely aware of how much of the martial arts movies, magazines and pictures illustrated one combat scenerio, one person relentlessly pounding away on another.

Chinese Martial Arts training is wonderfully rewarding. The pursuit of kungfu in not only the skills and techniques, but how to apply them. It is not a hammer that you need to be afraid to pick up, or is it one that gives you the right to clobber.


Nick Wright : Choy Li Fut Academy in Vista, CA

Jean Rowe earned her Certification in the Reeling Silk TaiJi and QiGong Program

Awesome Bone Marrow QiGong Workshop

Main Topic : Teaching how to use skills and force in Martial Arts

There is no problem if circumstances call for it, to take a combat engagement to a deciding finish or even use lethal blows if necessary, but there are several stages before it comes to that.

So, I jumped on my soap box and started researching to demonstrate with true strories..

Two Questions on the Extremes of Having Martial Arts Training..

Question 1 : When would having martial arts training would benefit you to stay out of trouble?

Question 2 : When would having martial arts training cause you to get into trouble?

The solutions vary from Law Enforment, Military, Para-military, Sports or even as common as being a teacher.

Kungfu Skills and Force

Mentioned in the Progressive Use of Martial Arts Skill and Force Podcast

Violent Crime Statistics

Story of A Teacher that struggled subduing a teenager

2013 Public Schools Acts of Violence and Crime Report

TKF Podcast #41, Recognizing a Bully.

Bully Prevention

TKF Podcast #15 : “When is De-esculaton Over”, the youtube video/slideshow version is there too.

Black Belt Magazine

Original Artwork : US Marine Corp Combat

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