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Progression of Training - Knowing Yourself First

Self Awareness is Fundamental For Gain, in Anything

by Sifu TW Smith

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For hundreds of years the progression of training has been clear. One only needs to read the classics of almost any style or find a teacher that not only understands, but can help lead you down the proper path. Step One is that the student must know themselves. This step is often the biggest and most difficult, yet a necessary pursuit. Knowing yourself encompasses components such as:

-"How do I express myself?" Am I defensive, blunt, aggressive, analytical?
-"Do I move together?" When my hand goes out, does my body and foot go out? Do I snap or accentuate?
-"Is the six togetherness there, the 3 physical and 3 internals, moving at one time?"
-"Does my structure support me, am I in balance, supporting the six sides?"

When a student studies for health, they are on this path, and pursue it for the harmony of togetherness. For even a dedicated student, this may take quite some time, and significant work. It is not a destination, because if our practice stops, the togetherness gets heavily mixed with choas.

I wanted to take a moment and recognize Peter, one of our consistent students, who this Saturday morning, demonstrated tremendous gain in this understanding through his diligence, pursuit, and attitude.

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