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Practical Martial Arts Class

A System and Form Free Practical Martial Arts Class

by Sifu TW Smith

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Emphasize Strategies and Success, Not Style

This class has made its mark by being free of forms and styles. I teach techniques only if a practitioner needs one.

Here who comes into this class to train :

Karate - Kung Fu - JuJitSu - Tai Chi Practitioners

Law Enforcement - Military - Bouncers - Self Defense Practitioners

My Practical Martial Arts class is designed with principles, strategies and success as the primary focus. Your chosen style doesn't matter, your ability to achieve does.

In general, people who take care of themselves are much less likely to be targeted for civilian conflict. If you are targetted, your chances of success are much better, if you have :

Health : Encourage you to maintain a reasonably healthy lifestyle and support you where we can.

Conditioning : Strength, Agility, Power, Speed, Eye-Hand Coordination

We rotate through different concentrations of Practical Martial Arts :

Impact Equipment : How to use heavy bags, wood dummies, wire whips, bean buckets, iron rings, heavy carts to make your training better.

Weapons : We will normally look at weapons of opportunity such as pipes, staffs, chains and other such identifiable objects.

FlowDrills : Stand alone exercises to develop response and reactions skills that we then implement into meeting our objective. We sometimes have seperate workshops such as: Flowdrills for Martial Arts

Self Protection : If Self protection has come down to combat, then many things have failed to work, such as Avoidance and De-esculation techniques. When it comes to this point, we want to be ready to act swiftly.

In regards to civilian self-protection, I like a quote from Rory Miller..

It is better to avoid than to run; better to run than to de-esculate; better to de-esculate than to fight; better to fight than to die. The very essence of self-defense is a thin list of things that might get you out alive when you are already screwed” – Meditations on Violence

Objectives : ALL conflictive encounters have an objective. Whether it is a sporting event, like MMA, or hand-to-hand with a criminal, here are a few objectives :

  • strike fast and escape,
  • protect a child at all costs,
  • subdue a friend or child without trying to injure them
  • escape with as little blood loss and injury as possible
  • in a sport, overcome your opponent for victory

Each one has an objective and each one is usually different.

Strategies : Your strategies are the acts you implement to reach your objective.

Techniques : Whatever it takes to meet your objective.

Space and Terrain : Do you always practice as if you have lots of space? What if you are in room crowded with other people or objects? What if you are on the stairs? What about a wet surface?

3 Techniques to counter someone shooting your legs

Learn how to Fall : How to fall, How to fight while falling, how to get up

Knife/Shank Attacks : I have a student who is a prison guard. How would you like to be within 10 feet of 20 convicted criminals who wouldn't hesitate to shank you, for 8 hours a day? Our goal is to do our best to make sure he comes home every day safely.

Plus much more as we go through.

Many of the students love the fact that they are free from style and there is no forms taught in this class. This is a practical martial arts class where we all come together to work hard, respect one another's skill levels and work together.

Can you be a Blank Slate Beginner?

Absolutely, you will in some cases be the easiest one to work with and in other cases the most challenging. But the truth is, this martial arts class is setup in so that no matter what we are focused on, you can start as a beginner or with lots of experience and just brushing up.

Do you need a uniform?

No, you need clothes that you can sweat in, not afraid to get torn and ripped, you need shoes, and no shoes.

What else do you need?

We have a lot of equipment you can use, such as headgear and gloves, but I strongly suggest you get :

  • mouthpieces
  • headgear
  • open finger gloves
  • a cup
  • anything you may personally need (towels, headband, icepacks, aspirin)

What is the fee?

You can drop in for $15 and workout before and after class a bit, or Join us as a Full Member and it is included. You can also Learn These Skills Through Private Lessons. Either way is great with us, we will be glad to have you be part of the family.

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