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Planned Interruptions : TKF 43

2015 Spring Beach Workshop

by Sifu TW Smith

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martial arts,interruptions,beachtrip,workship Our Largest turnout ever.

The Workshop Weather saturday was beautiful. Little cold bite saturday sunrise morning. But it had been worse. By end of qigong and taiji, it was gorgeous.

Martial Arts and Qi Gong Practices on Beach

Elemental qigong, zham zhuang, bagua teacups training and walking the Zhuan Tian Zun circle.

Zhuan Tian Zun is the Taoist "Circle about as Observe and comply with day(sky)." Plus we did Reeling silk taiji.

Afternoon practice was flow drills that led to trips and throws. Then dinner.

Autumn homemade pie awesome. Dawn made kickbutt salsa. Dwight was on the smoker. Posting as he oversaw the fire.

Planned Next Spring

Next year, weekend of april 9th, 2016.

A Summer Surprise

We have already arranged this summer in June a myrtle beach trip. Space will be limited to 12-14 students. No sooner did it get setup that 5 people already signed up literally within minutes. This is a student only event.

#21Day Qigong Program

How did i do on 21 day qigong program?

Too many tasty foods.. Spirits and fun. I overindulged in treats friday evening and saturday.

Planned Interruptions

Why didnt i just wait? I knew it was coming.

What am i going to do?

"Sunday morning at 4 am i am typing these notes. I knew this was going to be a blemish on the program but am glad i decided to see it thru. Today will be xtra clean.

Direct Download : TKF 43

Life happens and you can't plan only to move if things are perfect. You cant live by so many rules you cant live or occassionaly enjoy life. You cant live out of bounds of your guidelines either for too long. I will see these last 14 days thru with a commitment.

Meditation and Depression Study

March 2015 : Study demonstrates meditation benefits regardless of sex, religion and other personal variables.

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