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Peng Jin : Tai Chi Chuan : TKF 63

The Primary Ingredient of this Martial Art

by Sifu TW Smith

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peng jing,tai chi chuan "Tai Chi Chuan is a Peng Jin Chuan, Without Peng Jin There is No Tai Chi Chuan"

In Podcast of Tibetan KungFu #63:

I discuss a few minutes on this weeks meditation topic, Acceptance.

Then we investigate the main ingredient of Tai Chi Chuan, called Peng Jin.


A primary emotional intelligence skill that we must all practice to first have a realistic view of the circumstances and faces around us. Consider all the other detrimental emotions we experience when we fail to accept people and circumstances as they are, at this moment in time.

But it is the balance of Acceptance that is also critical. Because you are personally responsible for certain things too.

Peng Jing

I put in more hour of research for this podcast that perhaps I have for any other. Peng Jing was explained to me from a classical Chinese perspective, which was difficult to understand, but do-able, and then when I got hit with it a few times, and got hit when I didn't have it, I accepted Peng Jing is something you better find, whether you understood it or not.

Recently a student asked me to explain it, and this student likes everything to be sorted in a nice, neat box. One rule, one tool.. and Peng Jing is far from being neatly stored into a single box. It is one of those concepts that :

Chinese Academic Scholars argue about it's original meaning.

The character itself bears out multiple meanings to be aware of.

It is a character that isn't used very often, so it leaves room for non-corrected interpretations.

You can see when you understand it, but it is nearly invisible if you don't.

It is both energetic expression, like "he looked very poised", and

It is a method of expression, or a number of techniques.

Far from being a neat, clean, sort into a box understanding.

Peng Jin as a Main Ingredient to TaiJi

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Quoted in this Podcast

Wang Xiang Zhai

Kuo Lien Ying

George Xu

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