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Meditation Tools

Props Help the Mind Find Direction

by Sifu TW Smith

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meditation raleigh Meditational Tools are used to help draw the heart and mind into self.

Tools for Meditation provide a resource to inspire and draw the mind inward.

Tools assist beginners who are first trying to corral and calm their minds. These tools encourage the mind to come back, when we get distracted, or locked into a thought, memory, and/or a responsibility.

Meditation Tools:

  • create a dedicated area and name it, (alter, ceremonial, quiet area, etc)
  • put pictures of people that encourage and inspire you. Whether you knew them or not.
  • Lighting a non-perfumed incense helps maintain focus, mental clarity, and we use to have a sense of time while practicing meditation.
  • candles - warm candle light draws the mind in
  • meditation beads
  • non-vocal music preferably gentle flute
  • running water, the sounds of a water fountain reminds us of evolving and change
  • chanting and praying
  • dedicate practice - put a picture of someone you love and respect in your meditation area and dedicate your effort and time to them
  • a vase with goldfish or beta

How a student responds to initial practice or to just calming down can be very different. There is no predicting it; however we can tell very quickly what path the student is taking:

  • Strong arm approach, "I will force myself to be calm and build a wall around me". Creates lots of intensity.
  • Ostrich Approach, "I will just put my head in the sand for a while"
  • Love Peace, "The I am just going to let it all go"
  • Thinkers, "The I am going to analyze every detail, of everything while I am here"
  • Plus many other tendencies.

We start students with short bouts of training, to get the mind lured in. The progress according to a students intensity, instincts, and schedule. There are few things that are more personable than meditation.

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