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Meditation in Nature

Meditating in Nature was How Kung Fu found its Root in Shaolin

by Sifu TW Smith

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meditation forest

Meditation in natural places enhances the exchange of chi during practice. Our students practice meditation in many places, you may have seen one of us standing at a park. We always remind students to become a part of nature blend in, so that the deer and bird see you as part of the environment, in tranquility.

Over the years, while learning to meditate and practicing calming the mind, we have been approached many times. Most kids ask their mom and dad; "is that a statue" or "is he real"? People will stop to observe and usually get tired of waiting for one of us to move, so they move on. There are a few sincerely interested who will walk to me while practicing and ask "can I ask you, what are you doing?" My response for the last 15 years has been "I'm exercising just like you, you are walking on the outside, I am walking on the inside."

Meditating in nature can provide a very strong bond to your practice. Connecting you to a part of the world. When you go to the park to practice, don't look for the right place; just go, and you will be drawn to it.

We recently had a student practicing and had their picture taken. It was amazing how he did blend into the environment when sketched.

standing meditation trees

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