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Martial Arts Science : How Do You Learn a Physical Skill : TKF 044

Science show us what our ancestors already knew.

by Sifu TW Smith

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martial arts science, learn movement,physical skills Understanding the Phases that your body and mind go through to learn a physical movement can help you identifty where and why to work on different aspects.

This is not only martial arts, it could be anything from shuffling a deck of card or playing twinkle-twinkle-little-star on the piano.

During this podcast I will discuss :


How the "OnGuard Workshop" went on saturday and why it spawned this podcast.

The importance of a "Martial Arts Onguard" versus a "Sporting / Boxing Onguard"

Sciences of Learning Movement

Then we will look at the neurobiological development of movement..

The old Kungfu classics say "The Training of the Mind, must Precede Training of the Body. Eventually Training of the Body will be Superior to Training of the Mind."

What does that mean? Why is it important? How do you do it? When does it apply?

Download Martial Arts Science of Learning Physical Movement

I will share how Perceptual Skills are the same and different as Physical Skills. How the learning phases are similar : of Learning


Declarative Phase : The 'What to Do' aka : I call 'snapshot phase'

Procedural Phase : The 'How to Do it' aka : I call 'soaking phase'

Plus how they both work in almost everybody. What you need to do to make them work. What enhances the learning of movement.

Then the segway of When does a physical movement begin to get trained as a martial art?

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