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Martial Arts Qin Na Basics: TKF 70

Qin Na, NC Law, Slowing Down the Mind and What I am Covering in Meditation

by Sifu TW Smith

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In Podcast 70 :

Qin Na Workshop

The various sections of Qin Na (sometimes spelled Chi Na)

Martial Arts Uses of Qin Na

The focus on catching and joint locking

Practical uses of joint locks for teachers, parents, self protection, and para-military roles, such as bodyguards and law enforcement.

Finding the Brakes

3 times this past week I found myself in the discussion and stories with students about slowing down, getting more grounded and centered.

A couple of things that I recently observed that I am proud of

Creating a good training environment

Your trust that shows in how much you all open my newsletter

North Carolina Strange Martial Arts Law

Stand Your Ground Law

Updates on Students : Qin Na Workshop : NC Martial Arts Law


Ryan stopped by

Allison is recovering great

Bruce is still recovering from Bama's loss

I put together an instructional video of a 'Catch Drill' for Qin Na, link will be in the next newsletter. You can also signup for the newsletter and get a simple flow drill and Learn How to Catch in Qin Na.

Current Students and Patreons will also get 2 PDF ebooks, other video's and audio from the workshop.


Kirk Kirk Law : NC

Loyola University Martial Arts Laws

Podcast of Tibetan Kungfu #14 : Transition from a Busy Day

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