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Martial Arts for ADD / ADHD Program Signup

ADHD Program Details and Signup

by Sifu TW Smith

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Martial Arts for ADHD Program Details and Signup

To ensure our program is well-rounded, we discuss its details with Psychologist Tammy Finch. Mrs. Finch also serves as a consultant for individual concerns.

We use over 50 documented strategies for working with ADHD children and adults. Some will not apply until we are in a group setting. These strategies will also be provided to the parents.

You can see Why Martial Arts Integrates so well with ADHD  and our Kung Fu Program for ADHD .

Every ADD / ADHD person we work should have a 30 minute private lesson, Three - Half-hour lessons are preffered:

  • Establish a teacher and student relationship
  • Assess how attentive they are one-on-one
  • Establish that we view their ADHD challenge as one they have will have to work on. It is not an excuse for not making consistent efforts to improve.
  • It has been well-documented that ADHD persons perform much better in individual classes.

The student and parents will be taught how to use their Martial Art Training to help them in classrooms, social settings, events, etc. We know that most people with ADHD receive lots of negative feedback, 'don't do this, stop doing that, etc';

We will highlight every positive attribute we recognize, encourage it, applaud it, reward it with high praise.

Step 2. At the completion of private Lessons, then all involved will discuss:

  • What progress do we see
  • Where are the main concerns
  • Should we continue with private lessons or look to group class

If a decision is made to continue in regular private lessons, other packages will be available. We take each person and work with them individually and in concert with what all involved believe is in the best interest.

When you signup for Tibetan Kung Fu ADHD Martial Art program, you will receive:

  • Emailed ADHD short questionaire to identify individual behavioral concerns and group interaction concerns
  • Receive a Guidebook of how we will implement keypoints 
  • Strategies that we will exercise throughout the process.
  • Time Allotted to talk with you about questions, prior to beginning.

Private lessons are scheduled on individual basis, we see people 7 days/week. To signup For Private ADHD Lesson 

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