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Learning Expression of Power

Power is Generated with Mechanics blended with Mind Set

by Sifu TW Smith

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As the students practiced this evening, several were introduced to expressing the same power (peng, lui, gi, an) with a new set of footwork. One of the students made an enlightening comment; "I have learned that I know it if it is just this way". Master Chin often demonstrated, expressed, and taught us that kung fu is a fluid exchange. If you know "when, where, and how your oppenent will attack you" then kungfu is much easier.

One set of foot work can't always apply. As stated in the classics, the primary expressions of Tai Chi and Kung Fu must be trained in the five stepping changes, advancing, withdrawing, turn left, turn right, and grounded. By taking one set of powers and learning to express it in many variations, (the hands and intention are nearly the same, but the footwork is lively), then we realize that form is a boundry.

However, by expanding our understanding the training takes on a deeper understanding. When we call upon a command of expression, the footwork must be solid and lively enough to carry out the command. Learning the hands often seems much simplier than learning the body and feet.

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