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KungFu Podcasts : What is it about?

Culture, Adventure and Impact of Martial Arts

by Sifu TW Smith

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Recently I was asked about KungFu Podcasts. What is it about?

The Culture, Adventure and Impact of Martial Arts

The two Podcasts are different in focus:

  • Podcast of Tibetan Kung Fu is designed for our community, it is more personal
  • KungFu Podcasts is for Martial Arts in General. To serve more Global topics.

KungFu Podcasts will support:

  • Historians
  • Researchers
  • Authors
  • Teachers of various styles, but with similar interests
  • Haap (Our Preying Mantis) is a common mascot, but again, you know that, but that isn't listed there

Point is, You may have interest in the topics and energy in KungFu Podcasts, and you are encouraged to visit or:

KungFu Podcasts is a chance to explore Martial Arts History and Stories :)

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